What Is "Hosting" and Why Do I Need It?

To put it simply, hosting space is where your website files & pages live online.  Your domain name is configured to point to the hosting account where your site files live and that is how your site shows up when someone pulls up your site in a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Depending on how large your site is will determine which hosting package you need.  Hosting packages differ primarily in the amount of space available to hold your site pages and files, and the amount of bandwidth you are allowed to have (Bandwidth is web traffic.  The more traffic your site gets, the more bandwidth you need.)

The hosting package you have can always be adjusted to account for an increase in traffic to your site or an increase in the size of your site.

We do require sites that we design to also be hosted with us.  This allows for a more streamlined service.  We design sites in the Joomla CMS, so hosting the sites with us allows us to have unrestricted access to properly update and maintain the site.

We have 4 different base packages, with add-ons for our Silver D package if you need more space or bandwidth.  Hosting packages are a reaccuring yearly cost.

  • Disk Space: 50mb
  • Bandwidth:  500mb
  • Email Accounts:  Unlimited
  • Price Per Year: $79
  • Disk Space: 100mb
  • Bandwidth:  1gb
  • Email Accounts:  Unlimited
  • Price Per Year: $132
  • Disk Space: 200mb
  • Bandwidth:  5gb
  • Email Accounts:  Unlimited
  • Price Per Year: $211
  • Disk Space: 300mb
  • Bandwidth:  10gb
  • Email Accounts:  Unlimited
  • Price Per Year: $290

Custom Add-Ons:
The base package for any add-on is the Silver D package.

  • Each additional 50mb block of disk space is $25/year.
  • Each additional 5gb of bandwidth per month is $75/ year.


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